5 Things you need to Know Before you Visit Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary is one of the most rapidly developing European cities and an awesome destination to discover. From a terrifying history to exciting nightlife to fairytale architecture to innovative cuisine to a thriving music scene to exploring gorgeous landmarks, the Hungarian capital has it all. Thanks to our supporter for making this post possible, click here to visit their site. While it’s possible to conquer Budapest in a couple of days, the beautiful city promises to remain with you as it will hold a special place in your heart. No visitor gets a chance to get bored in the Hungarian capital. Here’s what you need to know before you plan your Budapest trip and vacation.

Budapest has one of the Best Music Scenes in Europe

If you’re a music lover, the Hungarian capital should be high on your travel bucket list. The ruin bars in the city are as interesting and exciting as they look. They are the reason why the music scene here is vibrant. Furthermore, they are the reason Budapest has become famous. If you’re taking your first step onto the city’s music scene, find your way to Budapest’s most iconic ruin bar- Szimpla Kert. Be sure to explore the Jewish District of Budapest as it is home to one of the best music scenes in Europe.

Budapest is home to Centuries of Architectural History

The Hungarian capital isn’t just about listening to music and drinking. If you’re a history enthusiast, a visit to District VIII and Leonardo da Vinci köz will be so rewarding. That means you must be willing to venture outside the city center. These two areas feature epochs of the capital’s architecture and charming classical European streets. Visitors can explore eclectic mix of architectural structures dating from the 1970s.

Budapest is the Perfect Jumping off Destination for a European Adventure

Whether you live in Europe or are visiting the Budapest for a couple of weeks, the city’s strategic position makes it easy for you to get to any other European destination for a brand-new adventure. Why not jump on train or book a plane right away and head to Croatia, Prague, Vienna, or Warsaw. It’s your decision to make. Aren’t you here to explore and have fun?

The Hungarian Capital is Inexpensive

The vintage state of many of the city’s trams and trains makes using public transport cheap and more convenient. Visitors who get bored of the trams and trains can enjoy spectacular views of the city on a chairlift. The average price if a bottled beer is about £1.53. The food is also cheap compared to most European cities. Most of Budapest’s attractions and landmarks are outdoors which means visitors can enjoy them for free.

Walking is the Best Way to Explore Budapest

You better make sure your shoes are sturdy since the city is bigger than it may appear. There’s no better way to explore this beautiful city and discover its hidden gems than on foot. Most of the capital’s attractions can be found within a ten-fifteen-minute stroll of each other. Don’t be in a hurry. Be sure to be part of the tunes at the Hungarian State Opera House, enjoy a ride on the Funicular Railway to the Buda Castle, explore the awe-inspiring Gothic architecture of the parliament building, and get emotional at the Shoes of the Danube. Don’t forget to have enough power for your camera batteries.

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