6 Things you never knew you could do in New York City

What comes to your mind when New York City is mentioned? Everyone seems to know about the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and other amazing attractions. What most people don’t realize is that New York City has lots of quirky, alternative sights and things you’ve never thought of doing. Here are some of the things you should consider doing during your NYC vacation.

Dessert Walking Tour in the City

For travelers who got a sweet tooth, a dessert walking tour is the perfect treat. Remember New York is known for its amazing food scene. Why not take this 2-hour walking tour through Manhattan an taste some red velvet at Magnolia Bakery, try some gourmet chocolate cupcake at Crumbs Bake Shop, and get inducted into a sugar induced coma at the gelato at Amorino.

Fly on a Trapeze

If you want to have some thrilling experience during your New York City vacation, enroll for some flying classes at Trapeze School New York. Here visitors are taught how to fly on the trapeze before they get to experience the thrill at the school’s outdoor location on the Hudson River. The two-hour classes cost between $55 and $75.

Learn to Surf

You could use your New York Vacation time to upgrade your surfing skills at Rockaway Beach. If you’ve never surfed, this is the perfect place to get started and have your first surfing experience. The surfers at the beach are happy to teach visitors how to surf. You can join a group lesson at Locals Surf School in the city as well.

Get Kissed by a Sea Lion

Get to the New York Aquarium where you can sign up for a Sea Lion Encounter at $39.95. During the Sea Lion Encounter, visitors are allowed to get up close and personal with the beautiful creatures and even get a kiss from one of them. The encounter begins with a short orientation followed by a Sea Lion Celebration show before participants can pose for a photo with a sea lion. Children aged 6 years and below aren’t allowed to participate in the show.

EmptyMet Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Often referred to as the largest museum in the Western hemisphere, the Metropolitan Museum of Art features a one-and-a-half hour tour before the museum opens to the general public. During the EmptyMet tour, visitors are taken through the building itself as well as the famous exhibits and collections inside. You get an opportunity to explore the museum before anyone else gets through those doors.

Catch an Even Better Sunset After a long day exploring different attractions across the city, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to capture a beautiful sunset at the top of the Empire State Building. Hundreds of tourists come here every day to get a much better view of the sunset just before dusk. You can also get to the Sunset Park in Brooklyn and enjoy beautiful sunset views with a backdrop of the gorgeous landscape and Manhattan skyline. …

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5 Things you need to Know Before you Visit Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary is one of the most rapidly developing European cities and an awesome destination to discover. From a terrifying history to exciting nightlife to fairytale architecture to innovative cuisine to a thriving music scene to exploring gorgeous landmarks, the Hungarian capital has it all. Thanks to our supporter for making this post possible, click here to visit their site. While it’s possible to conquer Budapest in a couple of days, the beautiful city promises to remain with you as it will hold a special place in your heart. No visitor gets a chance to get bored in the Hungarian capital. Here’s what you need to know before you plan your Budapest trip and vacation.

Budapest has one of the Best Music Scenes in Europe

If you’re a music lover, the Hungarian capital should be high on your travel bucket list. The ruin bars in the city are as interesting and exciting as they look. They are the reason why the music scene here is vibrant. Furthermore, they are the reason Budapest has become famous. If you’re taking your first step onto the city’s music scene, find your way to Budapest’s most iconic ruin bar- Szimpla Kert. Be sure to explore the Jewish District of Budapest as it is home to one of the best music scenes in Europe.

Budapest is home to Centuries of Architectural History

The Hungarian capital isn’t just about listening to music and drinking. If you’re a history enthusiast, a visit to District VIII and Leonardo da Vinci köz will be so rewarding. That means you must be willing to venture outside the city center. These two areas feature epochs of the capital’s architecture and charming classical European streets. Visitors can explore eclectic mix of architectural structures dating from the 1970s.

Budapest is the Perfect Jumping off Destination for a European Adventure

Whether you live in Europe or are visiting the Budapest for a couple of weeks, the city’s strategic position makes it easy for you to get to any other European destination for a brand-new adventure. Why not jump on train or book a plane right away and head to Croatia, Prague, Vienna, or Warsaw. It’s your decision to make. Aren’t you here to explore and have fun?

The Hungarian Capital is Inexpensive

The vintage state of many of the city’s trams and trains makes using public transport cheap and more convenient. Visitors who get bored of the trams and trains can enjoy spectacular views of the city on a chairlift. The average price if a bottled beer is about £1.53. The food is also cheap compared to most European cities. Most of Budapest’s attractions and landmarks are outdoors which means visitors can enjoy them for free.

Walking is the Best Way to Explore Budapest

You better make sure your shoes are sturdy since the city is bigger than it may appear. There’s no better way to explore this beautiful city and discover its hidden gems than on foot. Most of the capital’s attractions can be found within a ten-fifteen-minute stroll of each other. Don’t be in a hurry. Be sure to be part of the tunes at the Hungarian State Opera House, enjoy a ride on the Funicular Railway to the Buda Castle, explore the awe-inspiring Gothic architecture of the parliament building, and get emotional at the Shoes of the Danube. Don’t forget to have enough power for your camera batteries. …

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Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Thailand

Ever wondered why millions of visitors travel to Thailand every year? In 2018, the Southeast Asian country welcomed thirty two million tourists from around the world. Thailand is known for its luxurious islands in the south, stunning temples, amazing world-renowned food, rich history and culture, and vibrant wildlife. Thailand is a vacation destination with a mix of tradition and modernity. There’s no better place to visit than Thailand if you’re looking to experience peculiar traditions and ancient cities as you spend time in high-quality accommodation and restaurants in a major city. Here are top reasons why Thailand should be on your travel list.

The Food

You might want to start with some street food treats as they are inexpensive and delicious. You can enjoy some of the country’s spiciest, tangiest tom yum soups from the street vendors using what Americans refer to as pocket change. The food in Thailand is so diverse and delicious. Don’t be so focused to eat the same dish every day. Enjoy the Thai cuisine and keep your food options interesting as you change your location during your vacation. Don’t forget the food is cheap.

The Cheap Cost of Travel

One of the things you have to contend with when planning your trip is the budget. At times, you have no other option than to slash destinations from your itinerary due to a sheer lack of enough funds. Trains and buses in Thailand are incredibly affordable.  Travel in this Southeast Asian country is cheap as you can take advantage of budget-friendly airlines like AirAsia and Nok Air.  Whether you’re visiting the rural cities or major cities in the country, the cost of travel is cheap.

The Temples

No one leaves Thailand before working their way through the country’s collection of temples and Buddha statues. Thailand is home to over 40,000 Buddhist temples. Each of the temples reflects a specific era’s construction and architectural style. Whether you’re visiting the most remote provinces and towns or vacationing in major cities, there are too many Buddhist temples worth exploring in this beautiful country.

The Weather

Thailand’s high tourism season runs from November to February when there’s less humidity, little rainfall, and cool temperatures. The weather is cool and dry during these months. During the monsoon season, tourists flock northern Thailand and Bangkok, as the islands tend to experience flooding during this time. The spectacular beaches along Thailand’s beautiful coast are a popular destination for tourists during the hot season. While each season has its pros and cons, you can visit Thailand anytime of the year and enjoy its plethora of sunshine.

The Rich History and Culture

As mentioned, Thailand is a destination with a mix of tradition and modernity. You’ll see and experience bits and pieces of the country’s interesting and ancient culture almost everywhere you go. Of course, many cities in the Southeast Asian country continue to be modernized but Thailand’s rich history and culture are evident across the cities. Be sure to visit Sukhothai city and explore the ancient ruins and rich history dating back to the Siamese Kingdom in 1238. …

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South Africa popular destinations

If you think that South Africa is unsafe to travel to, then you should think again. South Africa is known for the most cultural destinations in the world. Each destination has a meaning of history to the country. 

These top three destinations are the most popular in South Africa and the most popular attractions that tourists are visiting. You will not make a mistake when you are visiting these attractions in South Africa. 

Drakensberg (uKhahlamba)

This is the highest mountain range in South Africa. Every rock has a drawing of the San who lived in South Africa. This site has been claimed as a World Heritage site because it holds the history of how the San people lived and how they survive.

Each drawing tells a story of the people who were first in South Africa. uKhahlamba is a Zulu name in English it means Barrier of Spears because of the breathtaking view of the mountain range and the nature around it. During winter you can enjoy the snow and during summer the hot, African summer. 

Table Mountain 

Who doesn’t know about Table Mountain? A landmark of a view over the city Cape Town. You can go on a hiking trip or use the cableway. If you go hiking to can enjoy the natural landmark that it has to offer. 

The mountain is also known as the mountains rising from the sea because if you look at a certain point you just see the ocean. The best time to hike on Table Mountain is when the sun sets and see the lights of the city. And, see how to sky change color as the sun is beginning to set over the horizon. So, if you love nature Table Mountain is the destination is for you.   

Kruger national park

This is the largest game reserve in Africa. It is known for the game reserve with the most different variety of animals. There are the Top Five, elephants, white and black Rhinoceros, and huge variety bucks like the Steenbok. 

The tour guides can take you on a safari to see the animals. Or, you can take your time and drive yourself through the park. The reserve has 21 rest camps,2 private lodges and 15 private safari lodges. There are 500 different bird species in the park. You will also see a hippo in the rivers in the park.

Now, you see that South Africa has many destinations to see. South Africa has many destinations for every type of tourist. South Africa has a lot more places to visit and other things to do throughout the year. A country that should be on your list of countries to visit. 

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