South Africa popular destinations

If you think that South Africa is unsafe to travel to, then you should think again. South Africa is known for the most cultural destinations in the world. Each destination has a meaning of history to the country. 

These top three destinations are the most popular in South Africa and the most popular attractions that tourists are visiting. You will not make a mistake when you are visiting these attractions in South Africa. 

Drakensberg (uKhahlamba)

This is the highest mountain range in South Africa. Every rock has a drawing of the San who lived in South Africa. This site has been claimed as a World Heritage site because it holds the history of how the San people lived and how they survive.

Each drawing tells a story of the people who were first in South Africa. uKhahlamba is a Zulu name in English it means Barrier of Spears because of the breathtaking view of the mountain range and the nature around it. During winter you can enjoy the snow and during summer the hot, African summer. 

Table Mountain 

Who doesn’t know about Table Mountain? A landmark of a view over the city Cape Town. You can go on a hiking trip or use the cableway. If you go hiking to can enjoy the natural landmark that it has to offer. 

The mountain is also known as the mountains rising from the sea because if you look at a certain point you just see the ocean. The best time to hike on Table Mountain is when the sun sets and see the lights of the city. And, see how to sky change color as the sun is beginning to set over the horizon. So, if you love nature Table Mountain is the destination is for you.   

Kruger national park

This is the largest game reserve in Africa. It is known for the game reserve with the most different variety of animals. There are the Top Five, elephants, white and black Rhinoceros, and huge variety bucks like the Steenbok. 

The tour guides can take you on a safari to see the animals. Or, you can take your time and drive yourself through the park. The reserve has 21 rest camps,2 private lodges and 15 private safari lodges. There are 500 different bird species in the park. You will also see a hippo in the rivers in the park.

Now, you see that South Africa has many destinations to see. South Africa has many destinations for every type of tourist. South Africa has a lot more places to visit and other things to do throughout the year. A country that should be on your list of countries to visit. 

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