Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Thailand

Ever wondered why millions of visitors travel to Thailand every year? In 2018, the Southeast Asian country welcomed thirty two million tourists from around the world. Thailand is known for its luxurious islands in the south, stunning temples, amazing world-renowned food, rich history and culture, and vibrant wildlife. Thailand is a vacation destination with a mix of tradition and modernity. There’s no better place to visit than Thailand if you’re looking to experience peculiar traditions and ancient cities as you spend time in high-quality accommodation and restaurants in a major city. Here are top reasons why Thailand should be on your travel list.

The Food

You might want to start with some street food treats as they are inexpensive and delicious. You can enjoy some of the country’s spiciest, tangiest tom yum soups from the street vendors using what Americans refer to as pocket change. The food in Thailand is so diverse and delicious. Don’t be so focused to eat the same dish every day. Enjoy the Thai cuisine and keep your food options interesting as you change your location during your vacation. Don’t forget the food is cheap.

The Cheap Cost of Travel

One of the things you have to contend with when planning your trip is the budget. At times, you have no other option than to slash destinations from your itinerary due to a sheer lack of enough funds. Trains and buses in Thailand are incredibly affordable.  Travel in this Southeast Asian country is cheap as you can take advantage of budget-friendly airlines like AirAsia and Nok Air.  Whether you’re visiting the rural cities or major cities in the country, the cost of travel is cheap.

The Temples

No one leaves Thailand before working their way through the country’s collection of temples and Buddha statues. Thailand is home to over 40,000 Buddhist temples. Each of the temples reflects a specific era’s construction and architectural style. Whether you’re visiting the most remote provinces and towns or vacationing in major cities, there are too many Buddhist temples worth exploring in this beautiful country.

The Weather

Thailand’s high tourism season runs from November to February when there’s less humidity, little rainfall, and cool temperatures. The weather is cool and dry during these months. During the monsoon season, tourists flock northern Thailand and Bangkok, as the islands tend to experience flooding during this time. The spectacular beaches along Thailand’s beautiful coast are a popular destination for tourists during the hot season. While each season has its pros and cons, you can visit Thailand anytime of the year and enjoy its plethora of sunshine.

The Rich History and Culture

As mentioned, Thailand is a destination with a mix of tradition and modernity. You’ll see and experience bits and pieces of the country’s interesting and ancient culture almost everywhere you go. Of course, many cities in the Southeast Asian country continue to be modernized but Thailand’s rich history and culture are evident across the cities. Be sure to visit Sukhothai city and explore the ancient ruins and rich history dating back to the Siamese Kingdom in 1238.

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